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Oncology Surgery.
Radiation oncology.
Treatment Procedure for Cancer patients.
Special Services will be provided to Cancer patients.

Oncology Surgery

Oncology Surgical department has different divisions including: Gastro-Intestinal,
Head & Neck, Genitourinary, Gynaec, Thorax, Breast, and Genito Urinary Oncology.

Extensive surgeries particularly Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries are performed on a routine basis. Mumbai City has many onco surgeons with regional specialisation. They are trained in the best cancer institutions in Mumbai and abroad and have excellent services records in their respective fields.

Facilities Available:

CUSA (Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator), Radio Frequency ablation,Intra operative ultrasound

Services Available

Upper GI surgeries like: Total esophagectomy, sophagogastrectomy, Total gastrectomy, Tadical gastrectomy, Lower GI surgeries like: Colectomies. Total pancreatectomies. Total Proctocolectomy with Ileoanal J pouch, Radical cholecystectomy, Anterior resections of the rectum with staplers, Low anterior resections of the rectum. Hepatobiliarypancreatic surgeries, Partial hepatectomies, Segmental hepatic resections. Radio Frequency ablation of liver tumours, Pancreatoduodenectomy. Resection of Hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Management of biliary strictures, Radical cholecystectomy. Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India

Radiation oncology:

The services offered are:
3-Dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT), forward planning intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy.
» The department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which includes: Megavoltage Dual Photon and multiple electron high energy linear accelerators (X-ray energy 6 & 15 MV and Electron energy 4,6,9,12,16 & 20 MeV) incorporating. Asymmetric jaws, multileaf collimator, micromultileaf collimator and portal vision facility.
» Simulator with CT scan facility
» Brachytherapy equipment using remote after load high dose rate facility (Ir- 192 isotope).
» Computerized 3-D radiation beam planning both for tele-radiation and brachytherapy.
» Networking of all equipment and diagnostic Spiral-CT scan machines.

All speciality Hospitals are equipped with inverse planning IMRT software, and hundreds of patients are treated with 3D-CRT in Mumbai hospitals. Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India



Intraperitoneal, intra-arterial, pleurodesis, chemo embolisation

Target chemotherapy:

The newer molecules currently being applied for imatinib, CML, Rituximab for CD20 + lymphomas, Geftinib for lung cancer and few other indications, Herceptin for breast cancer, Bevacuzimab and cetuximab in colorectal cancers, Valcade for multiple myeloma


The hospitals in Mumbai have readily available appointments for the outpatient services all 6 days every week, and have 2 to 4 oncologists daily, these hospitals have fully trained staff comprised of chemotherapy sisters under supervision of oncologist


Chemotherapy administrastion on the day care basis is done in many hospitals, Intrathecal chemotherapy administration, diagnostic and therapuetic procedures like pleural, ascitic tapping and catheter care clinic.Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India


Treatment Procedure for Cancer patients

Chemotherapy: Pre or Post Surgery Chemotherapy patients are supposed to take the therapy every 21 days and they face too much change in their body constitution, and hance will be required to stay in Mumbai only. Oncologist and Chemotherapist decide how many chemotherapy cycles are required on case to case bases.
Surgery: After surgery, patients need to visit hospital for dressing every day, during dressing the operating surgeons or their assistants themselves supervise and monitor the development and take note of discharge in the bottles.
Discharge: There are 2 bottles attached to operated patients, the discharge from the body is collected in these bottles which are to be emptied every day and the record of discharge of each bottle is recorded. The patient is trained for all precautions.
» Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is last therapy. Radiation therapist decides on the basis of the stage of cancer the patients had suffered, accordingly the therapist decides the:
» Radiation Units,
» Time of Radiation (Minutes),
» How many Days.
Medication: After all therapies the Oncologist will advise if any medication is required. Usually if histopathology report mentions: - ER/PR/Cerb2 Negative, Oncologist does not prescribe any medication, and the patient is advised to come for check-up after 3 months.
» Drugs: All chemotherapy drugs are manufactured in India and are easily available.
Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India


Special Services will be provided to Cancer patients

Appointments schedule for hospitalisation, surgery, chemotherapy, Radiation, and also time to time appointments for consultation with Oncologist, Chemotherapist & Radiologist. Timings for chemotherapy and radiation, being very important, extra special care will be taken to maintain it.
2. Sometimes during Chemotherapy and Radiation, Platelet count goes below required level, the concerned department themselves arrange through hospital Blood Bank.
Apartment with or without air condition can be arranged, because cancer treatment stay can go above six months to one year, and hotel stay can be too expensive.
Diet food as required for the patient will be arranged.
Patient will be taken at rehabilitation centers and programs.
If required patient can also be taken for drives or near by hill station for a week stay in between their chemotherapy treatments.
Patients will be guided how to maintain body pH level above 7.5, this can only be achieved through your diet.
Patients will also be guided about Natural treatments like- Aloe Vera, Flex seeds, Wheat grass & different type of fruits & vegetable juices.
Family will be provided with maid servant if required.
Private Nurse can also be arranged in apartment and the charges will be approximately US$12 to US$15 for every 12 hours.
Our executive will be a call away.
12. Wheel chair will be provided to the patient if required.
13. If need be, ambulance service is available at shortest notice.
14. Chemotherapy drugs will be provided at 10% discount to our patients.
15. Cancer patient and their accompanying family members will be taken time to time to rehabilitation centers to train and create confidence to fight the disease.

Please Note: All the charges for above services will be on actual basis only.  
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    Royal Package
      Royal Package include following services.
    Persons = 1 Patient + 2 accompanied person.
    Executive Package
      Executive Package include following services.
    Persons = 1 Patient + 2 accompanied person.
    Economy Package
      Economy Package include following services.
    Persons = 1 patient & 1 accompanying Person.
    Parents Care Package
      This is a unique package for NRI's & NRE's who are based in different countries around the world and are Unable to attend towards..
    Pay Yourself Package
      Unique Package
    Persons = 1 Patient + 1, 2, 3, or 4. accompanied person. (Total health checkup:__)
    Sponsor Your Dear One
      Either NRI's / NRE's residing abroad and is willing to get his / her nears and dears treated.
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