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Word of caution

1. Please read entire web site, all details, term and conditions.
2. Please submit complete and correct details asked in the form or in the responding mail without errors, omissions, mistakes and negligence.
3. Please inform any other details relevant to your medical tour.
4. At least one person accompanying you must be able to speak and understand English or Arabic language. (At least 50% he should speak and understand English) If this is not possible, you should inform us about the language you speak, for us to arrange translator for you.
5. You must reach here for medical treatment within 60 days of our submission of our quotation to you.
6. You should complete formalities in time: Visa, Finance, & Ticket, & leave from your office.
7. Make sure your Passport & that of the ones accompanying you is valid for at least 6 months while applying for your visa.
8. Check your baggage on arrival or departure while travelling.
9. If your baggage is found to be missing, make a written complain at baggage loss cell at the airport with complete details of your passport, flight, flight no, & take written copy of your complain.
10. Complete details of our airport receiving executive will be given to you before your arrival, so that you can recognize him or her from the displayed identity on him or her.
11. Take care of all your belongings and keep doors, windows and bags locked and secured properly. This will save time and money for you.
12. Do not hide any health related information which may effect your treatment. All health related information will be very confidential.
13. Have a very cautious approach while you meet and talk with strangers.
14. Do not accept and carry any parcel of Known or unknown people, if you want to accept it and carry it, you will do this at your own risk.
15. Do not carry drugs. Drug trafficking leads to 20 years of imprisonment in India. Please read point no 14 once again.
16. Avoid excessive drinking, at least during association with RMT
17. Avoid carrying jewellery and expensive articles, and if you are carrying, please take proper care of those articles.
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The company can add, delete, and modify any of the services mentioned in the web site on its own discretion without prior notice to any one - Please Note.
Thank you. Only 50% of the service charge will be charged for every extra patient.

Please Note: - Separate pre-treatment holiday tour to visit Kashmir, Shimla, Utteranchal, Masoori, Delhi, Jaipur, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar Island, and other places in India can be arranged. The expenses for this will be separate and are not included in our Medical tour packages.

Royal Medical tours (Mumbai) Private Limited has access to unlimited number of top Medical specialist. Physicians & Surgeons can be arranged at short notice. Post-operative treatment of our client is our priority, we provide tailor made packages for our clients and offer complete personalised approach while ensuring their personal safety, privacy and their medical problems are kept confidential.

Please Note: The cost for following services like: Hospital, operations, Diagnostic, MRI & CT Scan, Doctor's consultations, Medicines & other health related facilities. The cost for these facilities will be paid by the client directly or through us & these expenses does not include in our services packages.

Advantages from Medical tourism service providers: Sophistication in health care & diagnostic process has become too costly; hence every body cannot afford it. Insurance companies are force to charge very high premium.

15% to 20% American & European population is unable to insure themselves & their families.

Uninsured people are forced to skip their periodic health check-ups. So when they fall ill & if the treatment is delayed, it becomes very chronic, critical & dangerous too.

Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India

Do not panic nor cancel your holiday tour, we in Mumbai provide all medical related treatment & We can schedule shopping, excursions, historical site tours, visit to near by beaches, and hill station, all this around your medical appointment schedule, and enjoy health + vacation experience.

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  • Executive Health Check-up
  • Premium Health Check-up Male
  • Premium Health Check-up Women
  • Cardiac Health Check-up
  • Child Health Check-up
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    Royal Package
      Royal Package include following services.
    Persons = 1 Patient + 2 accompanied person.
    Executive Package
      Executive Package include following services.
    Persons = 1 Patient + 2 accompanied person.
    Economy Package
      Economy Package include following services.
    Persons = 1 patient & 1 accompanying Person.
    Parents Care Package
      This is a unique package for NRI's & NRE's who are based in different countries around the world and are Unable to attend towards..
    Pay Yourself Package
      Unique Package
    Persons = 1 Patient + 1, 2, 3, or 4. accompanied person. (Total health checkup:__)
    Sponsor Your Dear One
      Either NRI's / NRE's residing abroad and is willing to get his / her nears and dears treated.
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