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  Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgery

Shoulder, Hip, and Knee replacement surgeries using the most modern keyhole, endoscopic surgery and arthroscopy is done at many hospitals in Mumbai, Pune, and Manipal. These hospitals are equipped with most advanced facilities as compared to any part of the world. The cost of knee replacement is about US$ 6,000 to 8,000/- in India and the same operation in UK with similar surgery procedure, implant and medical consumables cost around 10,000/-UK Pounds.

Joint Replacement Surgery in India Medical Tourism - Image

The major surgeries like joint replacements, spine surgeries, inter-locking & nailing, arthroscopic surgeries. They are supported by state of the art joint replacement operation theatre. C-arm x-ray equipment facilitates the orthopedic endeavor. All this is supported by Digital Radiography that will make the services rendered of a very high order. The hospitals with such facilities and highly trained surgeons in Mumbai are Wockhardt hospital, Hiranandani hospital, Hinduja hospital, Bombay hospital, Breach candy hospital, Saifee hospital, Jaslok hospital, Lilawalti hospital, Harkishandas hospital, Bhatia hospital. Ruby hospital and sanchity hospital in Pune. Manipal hospital in Manipal and A J.hospital in Manglore. Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India

Services & Facilities for Joint Replacement Joint Replacement FAQ's

Qus: At what stage joint replacement is advised?

Ans: When our knee or Hip pain becomes unbearable, our physical movement comes to stand still or limited and you are unable to perform any physical activities, at such situation joint replacement can be only option to get rid of all pain and your movement limitations. In some cases both knee and hip have such painful problems. Replacement of one knee or hip reduces stress & load on opposite joints, and the second surgery can be performed in later years. Consultation with your hospital orthopedic surgeon will be best option for such situations.

Qus: Can such joint replacement be avoided through medication or alternative treatments?

Ans: In early stage of arthritis pain, such problems are treated by medication, physical exercise (Advised by physiotherapist), ayurvedic medicines, or by arthroscopic surgery. If anti inflammatory drugs and injections in joints do not stop or lessons the joint pain, these doses have to be stopped because excessive painkiller drugs & injections can damage important organs of our body. Therefore joint replacement is only long term alternative from pain and big relief to return to an active physical activities.

Qus: What are the risk factors for this surgery?

Ans: Total joint replacement is a major operation and therefore has some calculated risk factor as in any other operations. The infection can result in removal of prosthesis, the other chance is bleeding, and nerve damage or even blood clot can be formed. But with modern facilities & highly experienced orthopedic in this type of surgery the risk factor has reduced to very nominal and has achieved high success rate for joint replacement surgeries. Required antibiotic is prescribed and highest quality of surgical stockings are used to prevent infections or formation of blood clots which is the common complication during such type of surgeries.

Most patient require blood transfusion of approximately 2 units after surgery and the operating surgeon advises the patient to donate its own blood 2 or 3 weeks before operation and is preserved in blood bank. (This system is called "Autologous" blood donation) If the patient is unable to give his own blood for some reason then the patients family member or friends blood is taken after total verification of blood group and free from any infection or disease. Send Enquiry to Medical Tours India
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