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  Endocrinology & Diabetics

Endocrinology / Diabatology. (Hormonal diseases)
Needs specialist's attention.

The word "Endocrine" means hormone and the division of medical science that deals with hormones is called ENDOCRINOLOGY. Hormones are chemical substances that are secreted by special glands in the body and taken to different areas of the body by blood for action. They are important substances and most of them are life-saving and without them we cannot survive. Some examples are Insulin, Thyroid Hormone, Hydrocortisone, etc.
Endocrinology / Diabatology - Image

Others are very much needed for well being of our day-to-day life. Hormonal diseases are difficult to diagnose and doctors require special training for treatment of such diseases.
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Hormones are important from day 1 of life. Different hormones have role in the growth of children of which most important ones are growth hormone and thyroid hormone. Is one such time when sex hormone plays the most important role for developing identity and is a very critical stage for all of us. Special care has to be taken in childhood Diabetes, as there is no cure for Diabetes till date. The other uncommon but important problems in children are Ambiguous Genitalia, Pituitary and Adrenal disorders. Endocrine disorders in the adulthood include problems with Thyroid gland (goiter, under-and over-active Thyroid, Thyroid cancer), Pituitary gland (under-active gland called Hypopitutarism, Pituitary tumors), Adrenal gland (under-and over-secretion of the Adrenal hormones, cancer of the Adrenal glands), Ovary and Testes (sexual problem in men and women, period problems in women, hormones replacement therapy after menopause), etc.

We now recognise for last several years the importance of bone metabolism, role of calcium and risk of osteoporosis or brittle bone disease. All these require a special understanding, patience, and expertise that we hope to provide in hospitals in Mumbai & Manipal hospital in Bangalore and in Manipal. These hospitals are equiped with specialised laboratories for estimation of different hormons build up in our body.

Pediatric Endocrinology deals with the hormonal disorder in children & adolescents. Majority of childhood endocrine disorder is congenital & genetically determined, manifesting in early infancy and childhood. Early diagnosis & treatment is important for normal physical, mental & psychological development.

Pediatric Endocrinology involves evaluation of children referred for short stature (growth hormone deficiency, genetic short stature, and intrauterine growth retardation).

Thyroid disorder (Congenital hypothyroidism, goitre)
Pituitary disorder.
Pubertal Menstrual Disorder.
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Hospitals in Mumbai, Manipal hospital in Bangalore & Manipal hospital in Manipal have excellent facilities for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic disease. These hospitals are equipped with specialized laboratory for estimation of different hormones)

Growth hormone stimulation test for short stature
Gonadotropin stimulation test for early and / or delayed puberty
Special x-ray facilities for bone age estimation, CT Scan, and MRI Scan
Genetic Studies-Prenatal diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia, DNA studies
Chromosomal studies for Down's syndrome and Turner's syndrome.
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